Battle Creek

Only a mile off I-94 rests a golf club with such a great genius-loci. The set up is great with the chipper, putter, and 1st tee right by each other. A nice one-story modest clubhouse with great food sits in front of the most well-preserved Willie Park Jr course in the Midwest! Battle Creek has had 2 storms knock down 1,000+ trees in the last decade. Another storm or a forester getting rid of 1,000 trees is still needed imo. Many trees are affecting playing lines. The membership unfortunately uses trees to defend par, instead of firming up the greens which are always too receptive when I play. Too often people are concerned about the greens speed instead of the firmness of the greens! The opening (1-4) & closing stretches (16-18) are top shelf at BCCC. Micro contours like a small swale in the 1st fairway are examples of wonderful natural features found on the course. The 1st is a stout opener requiring a mid to long iron 2nd. The majority of greens have ground game options which makes for an enjoyable day. The 3rd is a great par 5, the longer player is trying to get past the upslope and past or next to the bunker on the left. BCCC is known for large greens and the 3rd is one of the longest greens front to back, 60 plus yards deep. I find large greens with wedges in are more challenging than small greens. The 4th is a great par 3 with a really cool bold ridge in the green. Between the 7th and 11th holes I wish there was fine fescue grass planted and the majority of trees were cleared out. The trees on the left of 7 fairway affects playing lines. The 9th and 10th a great back-to-back par 5’s. The 11th is a really cool short par 4 with a semi-blind tee shot to an upslope and most balls end up at the bottom on the other side of it. 13 is one of the strongest 4’s on the course. It requires a lay up to a small creek with your longer players and the trees on the left of the fairway need to whacked as well. The green sits up slightly from the fairway, the 2nd just has a very good fit to one’s eye. Now the finish (16-18) at BCCC is top in the state imo. The 16th is one of the best long par 3’s you will play. It’s a slightly downhill long par 3 that is semi blind. Every part of the hole is engaging. The 17th is a great drive and pitch hole. The left fairway bunker asks you some questions on the tee box. The green is solid with a nice false front and a green that slopes back to front. 18 is such a cool tee shot, with the hole legging left to right. The green has the boldest false front and tier you have ever seen, while also moving right to left. The hole only drops 8ft in elevation from the tee to the green and shows you that small elevation change can make for a great finish. Battle Creek is a course you can play everyday and never get bored.