This is a top tier test of golf and the staff helps to create a relaxed and enjoyable golf experience. The course requires sound thought and execution if you are going to try to attack it. It truly requires you to analyze the green slopes and surroundings. The first hole hits you in the face with a prelude to the scale of the course. DeVries gives you options right from the jump with a split fairway and treacherous bunkers in the middle. You realize after the first two holes this is a different type of golf course. Almost every hole offers multiple routes for playing the hole and it is usually only the poorly-executed (and overly aggressive) strategy that is punished. The front nine’s routing zig zags intimately in which you interact with the groups in front and behind. As you get to the par three 5thh the architect gives you a little breather with a generous landing area to hit the green. The tee box on the par five 7th is a wonderful view of the entire front nine (feels like you’re on top of the world). The one critique is the next two shots are the weakest on the entire course. DeVries normally rewards aggressive play but still gives options to the conservative play except on 7. The majority of balls end up down in the gully with a crap shoot on whether you have to hit around a tree. The third shot is magnificent requiring you to control your spin or the ball will return to your feet. Two more up and down again walks and you get to the devilish par three 9th to finish. As you make the turn grab a homemade cookie and enjoy it as you won’t remember playing the benign par four 10th. You can appreciate the green as you finish the cookie. The next 4 holes are a showcase of the minimalistic nature of DeVries at his finest. The green on the drivable 13th hole is one of the most unique greens you will ever play. Give your-self time to hit putts to different portions of the green. The walk from the 13th through the 17th tee shot is a wonderful relatively flat walk to enjoy. The 15th, a long par four, is the toughest green to hit on the course, take your bogey and move on! The par three 16th is where you realize that hitting away from the pin is a favorite tactic of DeVries. The 17th is a long par 4 or short 5 par depending on your drive. The long hitters can get the ball over the hill which will run another 150 yards to have a short iron in, otherwise you are atop this hill with a 250-yard shot. 18 is a strategic par four where the pin position determines what side of the fairway you aim for. This hole settles its fair share of bets. Kingsley is one of the firmest courses in the state due to its sandy base lending itself to true and firm conditions, but a lot of people would like to see more longer 4 pars. This course is one of two courses in the state, where you must control your spin on every shot, or it could come back to your feet. DeVries gives you the ability to hit the driver on every hole if you choose, but a long iron could end up with a closer approach shot if you land on the appropriate speed slots. Picking the right length tees to play from is almost irrelevant which is unique in the state. Nearly every hole deserves praise, but I would like to highlight holes 1-4 and 12-15 as two of the best four holes stretches in the State.